Friday, January 20, 2012

Dave Lizewski: How do I get a hold of you?
Hit Girl: [sarcastically] You just contact the mayor's office. He has a special signal he shines in the sky; it's in the shape of a giant cock.

So, feminism.

I'm teaching about masculinity this week, and the ways in which our culture enforces masculinity on boys and men, and the militarized masculinity which is sold in our culture as the domain of "the real man" and it's interesting, because in some ways it's a culture which we all idealize - women and men both.

I love violent movies - action movies in particular, adore knife fights, and well choreographed sword and gunplay.

I like MMA, although I am less certain that I like UFC, the participants of which are often engaged in homophobic, misogynist taunting, and the organization of which is engaged in a lot of "women as sexual object" entertainment policies. The problem is, that there is a lot of it which _is_ entertaining.

Boobies are pretty nice to look at, and hot girls in skimpy outfits are pleasing to the eye - do they always have to have post modern self-reflexivity to make that ok?

Ought it to be one's pre(pro)scribed role? no. Combined with violent testing of one's fighting prowess against another? is that necessarily bad?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

On sobriety, and

7 things you don't realize about addiction (until you quit)

Sobriety is unpleasant. That's something that I've been struggling with, especially as I've been taking all kinds of medication, and especially since I keep having to get doctors to increase my pain medications so I can do more things.

I want to be more active. I am happier when I do more things, but the more I do, the more pain I am in.

Two weeks ago, I tried snowboarding. It was awesomely fun.  I screwed up my back. badly. i have been in pain ever since. i am only just able to do push ups again, and i still can't do as many as before.

the weather also hasn't been helping.  hovering around zero and humid is the worst thing for me. it's awful. pain and swelling, and not much else.